LANco​ told us the story behind their newest single "Greatest ...

Watch as LANco shares with us the story behind their latest single "Greatest Love Story."

Posted by iHeartCountry on Wednesday, February 15, 2017

LANco has just released their newest single, "Greatest Love Story." It is a love song written by the bands front man, Brandon Lancaster.

He believes that the song is very much rooted in the country music tradition of telling stories about everyday life.

"A lot of people know about finding love, and losing love. A lot of people know about finding love again. The song is about two people that found each other, and after spending some time apart - found out that they were what each other was needing in life."

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 Brandon is happy that this is their new song at country radio because, “we love country music and we are really excited about this song. We feel like we get to showcase the backbone of country music and the storytelling aspect of it. So it was really important to get this one out early so people can see another dynamic that we have.” 

“Greatest Love Story” is from LANco’s self-titled EP, which is available now.

Hear to the full song below.