Get Busy in the Mornings!

Want to put some snap crackle and pop into your morning? Skip the cereal and get busy in the bedroom!

Relationship expert Ellen Scott has come up with a few reasons to rise and shine, including:

You actually feel awake. Sure, you can get romantic after a long day, but in the A.M., you’re full of energy. You’re ready to get up and go.

There's an imposed time limit. Need to leave for work in 20 minutes? That gives you incentive to pump up the passion.

It will improve your productivity. The endorphins and hormones will make you happier, more alert, and generally your best self.

There are no distractions. There’s nothing on TV, no work you need to finish before bed, and no e-mails coming in from your boss.

It's really convenient. You’re both there. You’re both in bed. You’re not wearing much ... it just makes sense. 

Want more info?  Check it out, here: (Metro)

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