Is It Time For A Vacation?

A new study by Motel 6 has found that a whole lot of Americans have not seen much of America …

  • 48% of Americans have only been to 10 states or less in their lifetime. 
  • 25 million Americans (10%) have never seen the ocean. 
  • 50% of Americans have never visited the White House. 
  • Nearly 50% of Americans say outdoor activities and adventure is their number one travel priority 
  • The top 3 states Americans hope to visit next are: Hawaii (14%), Florida (11%), and California (10%)

To help people see more of the country, Motel 6 is giving away six trips: Texas Motor Speedway; Washington, D.C.; Mammoth Lakes, California; Santa Barbara, California; Salt Lake City, Utah; and Williamsburg, Virginia.

The six lucky winners will be get a three-night stay at one of these locations, and a $2,500 gift card toward travel expenses. Enter the  “Motel 6 55 Years Anniversary Travel Sweepstakes” here from now till May 16th. 

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