Cody Johnson’s Take On “Man Smells” Might Be Your Best Gift Idea

Cody Johnson arrived at the ACM Awards looking dapper in his western wear inspired look, complete with a cowboy hat. However, it was his signature cowboy scent that really turned heads backstage.

As the “On My Way To You” singer sat down with Cody Alan, he revealed that he was working on developing his own line of men’s fragrances.

“I’m actually wearing it right now,” said CoJo, speaking of the prototype scent.

“We’ve still got to work out the business partner stuff, so it’s a work in progress,” he continued.

Cojo’s cologne smelled like every cowgirl’s dream, manly and very macho Texas.

Cody Alan playfully wafted the air around them getting a better sniff. “So, are you going for a manly musk? How would you describe it?”

“I would think it needs to be like Brut, Old Spice, Polo… oil stained fingernails,” teased CoJo.

“Diesel fuel.” Laughed Cody Alan. “Man smells,” actually that should be the name of it!” proclaimed Cody.

“Man smells.” Cody Johnson agreed. We hope to see Cody Johnson’s “Man Smells” line hitting stores soon! It could be your best gift idea for those hard to please men in your life? In the meantime, look for updates on scents, stages, and songs with details updating daily at

Photo Credit: Getty Images.

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