13 Old Dominion Lyrics That Are Perfect for Instagram Captions

Choosing the right Instagram caption is almost as critical as choosing the right filter. Luckily, Old Dominion is here to help by providing beautiful, witty, and inspirational lyrics that can capture the sentiment found in your online photos. If you are looking for the perfect caption, look no further. We have picked 13 caption-able lyrics for all of your social media quips.


  1. “Brown-Eyed Girl, Sweet Caroline, Free Fallin', Small Town Saturday Night"
  2. "That's a song for another time"
  3. "Let's cut through the shit then let's get to what we're doing here"
  4. "Cause you can't keep the ground from shaking, no matter how hard you try"
  5. "You can't keep the sunsets from fading"
  6. "Come on baby shoot a smile at me"
  7. "Those stars need to be wished on your skin needs to be kissed on"
  8. "My eyes baby they're fixed on you”
  9. "Singin' along to the song with the wrong words"
  10. "But this isn't one of those stories that ends up that way"
  11. "She kept the hotel key slipped it in her purse I guess it makes her think of me"
  12. "She left the night I can't forget"
  13. "There can be beauty in the broken if you open up your mind"

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