Carrie Underwood Reveals Super Bowl Party Must-Haves

Carrie Underwood is kicking things off for Super Bowl Sunday as she drops in with Cody Alan to reveal her Super Bowl party must-haves. 

"Well, you have to have some sorta dip, and then something to put in that dip. You know? You just have to," says the "Waiting All Day for Sunday Night" singer. "Even if it's chips and salsa."

"Little bite-sized things are really nice, and pizza! You have got to order some pizza and beer," says Carrie. 

"I really like the whole tailgating scene too," reveals "The Champion" singer. "It just makes me happy. Even if you are driving by a stadium and you just see people in the parking lot, like, grilling, doing their thing. It makes me happy."

Remember when Carrie wowed us with her powerful performance of the National Anthem at the 2010 Super Bowl? Commemorate this moment again by peeping the video below.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images.