Zac Brown Band Honor Military Veteran On Stage

Photo: Getty Images

Zac Brown Band honored a military veteran during a recent concert, and the man’s daughter shared the heartwarming moment on TikTok, captioning with a heart: “make andy viral.. he deserves it. ❤️”

The man’s daughter, Madison, shared that because of her amazing sister, “my bada** dad was selected to be the military guest of honor at Zac Brown Band.” She went on to share that the spotlight was extra meaningful because “we’ve lost two of my dads best friends in the last six months.” She remembered Collin and Pat, who loved the song “Chicken Fried.” When her dad stepped out on stage, it was “even more special” in memory of them. The crowd went wild as he took the stage: “Thank you Zac Brown Band & for your service dad.”

Zac Brown Band released “Chicken Fried” on their Home Grown album in 2005, and in 17 years, the song has become an anthem that’s a staple in country music (and at ZBB concerts). The song pays tribute to service members: “I thank god for my life/ And for the stars and stripes/ May freedom forever fly, let it ring/ Salute the ones who died/ The ones that give their lives so we don't have to sacrifice/ All the things we love/ Like our chicken fried

“Cold beer on a Friday night/ A pair of jeans that fit just right/ And the radio up/ Well I've seen the sunrise/ See the love in my woman's eyes/ Feel the touch of a precious child/ And know a mother's love.”

See the onstage moment here.

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