Lunchbox Actually Asked Hotels If He Was Stealing By Taking Travel Bottles

Lunchbox Goes To Hotels

Lunchbox recently got flack after he admitted on The Bobby Bones Show that he had been taking the travel bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and soap from hotel rooms as well as the leftover toilet paper and pool towels. He admits that he would take them and use them in his guest bathroom because he thought he was paying for them by staying at the place.

Well, after everyone on the show and listeners gave him a hard time for taking things. He decided to go to hotels and ask them upfront if taking all of those things was stealing. Turns out, they expect you to take the travel bottles. As far as toilet paper, there isn't anything against it and sometimes it does get thrown out. Now the towels, yes it would be stealing and at some upscale hotels you could be charged.

Either way, Lunchbox proved his point pretty solid with confirmation from the source!

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