TMSG: Police Officer Helps Move 94-Year-Old Veteran Into His New Home

Sergeant Jeff Turney of the Glendale, Arizona police department went beyond his call of duty after a call came in to dispatch.

The call to dispatch said "I have a 94-year-old father. He's loaded up a trailer and thinks he can drive his vehicle and the trailer to Florida. And I'd like to have somebody talk to him, if they could."

Police responded to the home of Howard Benson. Sergeant Turney upon arrival said 'We're not going to talk any sense into this guy,' with Benson confessing "I had my mind made up, I was going to do it."

One way or another Howard was going to Florida. That's when Sergeant Turney stepped in. He came over to help pack up the trailer and then told Benson he was willing to drive him. The next day the two were off, Sergeant Turney even requested vacation time to do this.

The drive down, the two talked about everything from Howard's service in the Navy during World War II, to his anxiety about moving into assisted living. They arrived 4 days later and Sergeant Turney said he would stay until Howard felt comfortable with his new surroundings.

Turney said, "As a person, you've gotta step up." and Howard gushed about Turney saying, "I've never seen a person so dedicated to helping people in my life. I can't thank that gentleman enough."

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