TMSG: Disabled Man Known As 'Snack Man' For Helping Feed Homeless

Alfred Sanchez is a disabled man who lives in Citrus Heights, California and has made it his mission to take care of the homeless.

Sanchez puts together ziplock bags of snacks, juice, and dry goods. Then he gets up early and makes his rounds on his motorized scooter around his area giving out the bags to whoever needs it. The bags are made up of Sanchez's own money spending anywhere from $80 to $140 a month, but he told CBS 13 he couldn't look away from the homeless problem in his area, "

"Hunger's a big motivator, so I come out and give people just enough snacks to get 'em through the morning and maybe cheer 'em up a little bit."

He also carries cards with him to hand out that have information about navigation centers. Sanchez also brings a whistle to blow if someone is in distress.

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