Listener’s Mega Viral Video Shows Puppy Learning To Be Loved

Listener Heather from North Dakota left the show a voicemail to tell them one of her video’s has recently gone viral, she currently has 8 million views!

The video is of a puppy in a kennel getting adopted, and there is a hand going to pet the puppy. The puppy isn’t used to being shown love, so it’s trying to bite the hand, but it continues to pet the puppy until it learns to be loved. Since Eddie makes money from some of his viral videos, she wanted to ask him how she can start getting paid and how the whole process works.  

Eddie said it depends on which app you’ve gone viral on. If it’s on TikTok, they pay you automatically. Instagram has to invite you to make money. At the beginning of the month, he gets a notification asking if he wants to start making money from reels, he clicks yes, and it starts adding up the money.  

She later left another voicemail saying she found out she’s not making money from her viral video because she has under 5,000 followers and is looking for some help to raise her following!  

Her account is @thepondwizard and you can watch the video here!

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