Are teachers UNDERPAID? This Teacher says "I have to quit to survive."

Hannah Ketring Brown, 27, of Nashville, Tennessee writes ""Teaching was tenable when I was a 22-year-old single renter. It no longer works when I have a family and a mortgage. I’m not looking to have a crazy affluent lifestyle over here. But the fact is, I can only afford to live in the neighborhood where I teach because I’m married."

Her words are resonating with lots of other teachers who would love to persue their passion of teaching too but they can't afford to live on a teacher's salary. “If you haven’t noticed, Metro Nashville teachers have been sick lately. Because I’m leaving at the end of the year for law school (you know, so I can make a living wage), I have a little more freedom to speak than some of my colleagues.

For the most part, we’re not sick of the kids. We’re not sick of teaching. For me, welcoming a kid on their first day of American schools never gets old. Seeing a student ‘get it,’ after struggling a lot with a concept never gets old.

Want to know what is making me sick? Spending a month preparing for TCAP instead of focusing on reading. Knowing that the spring semester in 3rd and 4th grade is basically all test prep and test administration instead of real teaching. I’m sick of administering TCAP to children who have been in this country for less than a year and losing time where I could have taught them early phonics skills or conversational vocabulary."

Jennifer M Jackson-Jackson says "TRUTH!!! I retired at 46 after 26 years of teaching in Detroit! Now I work for the airline! I miss the kids but go VOLUNTEER regularly and help my friends their classrooms. My husband says I’m happier now and I agree!!"

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