College student out with friends says 'This past weekend I was drugged'

Helena posted on her Facebook page, "I don’t even remember actually drinking the shot but was told I took a little sip of it. I immediately started acting extremely out of it and could barely walk. I kept falling down, so my brother and my boyfriend had to basically carry me back to my brothers apartment. As soon as we made it back they knew something was terribly wrong. I was slurring my words, vomiting uncontrollably, couldn’t stand up by myself, and could barely stay awake. They’ve all seen me drunk and knew something must’ve been slipped to me in that shot of Fireball. I was completely coherent one minute and the next minute I was barely conscious."

Her story is already getting response from other who have been through similar experiences. Vickie Daniels writes "My daughter went through something similar years ago in DC. Apparently someone slipped something into her drink while it was sitting on a table. Thank goodness she had friends that came looking for her in the restroom as she had been gone a while. Immediately they called 911, took her out on a stretcher and into an ambulance and she too woke up in a hospital bed. It can happen anywhere. Never accept a drink from someone you know and never leave your drink unattended out of your hand. I have seen young girls leave their drinks at a bar while they go out to smoke. I became a mother hen and stood over their drinks while they were outside and explained to them what had happened to my daughter... they were shocked!"

Word to the wise. When you are in public, keep an eye on what is going on around you and if in doubt, throw it out. Read Helena's full story of what happene to her below!

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