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Scotty McCreery Says The Drive Home With New Baby Made Him So Anxious

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Country Star Scotty McCreery (American Idol alum) is excited to be out with Brooks & Dunn on the Reboot Tour calling them "Legends" and saying he's a fan and tour mate so it's so cool. We also find out about his experience being a new Daddy as well and the song he sings to his son.

McCreery said he hope that he gets a chance to get on stage with Brooks & Dunn when he tours with them this year. He said "if I can come up and sing Neon Moon... it'd be a dream come true." He shared with Moote, Kimmie & Otis that he grew up with the duo and is a fan first but said getting to tour with them is so amazing.

McCreery also is a new Daddy. Scotty and his wife had Merrick McCreery back in October. Sharing the moment with Moote, Scotty said one memory he'll never forget driving his son home for the first time saying "I usually had a lead foot... but I was driving SO SLOW!"

As you'd expect, Scotty also sings to his little guy... but the song he made up is pretty funny.

Listen to the MKO Post Show Pod as they talk with Scotty McCreery:

Scotty shared all the dates for his tour with Brooks & Dunn:

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