Randoms-Least Healthy Generation, What's More Stressful than Wedding, Jail?


Do you only sleep well in your own bed? You’re not alone. A new study found that 40% of respondents say they dread sleeping somewhere other than home because they know they won't sleep as well as they would in their own bed. (SWNS)

How stressful is moving? According to a new survey, it more stressful than planning a wedding or going to jail. Yep, 23% of respondents said moving was more stressful than planning a wedding, 27% said it was more stressful than a job interview and 13% said they thought moving was more stressful than spending a week in jail. The same survey found that 44% of Americans who have moved in with a significant other admit they have thrown away some of their partner’s things. And 80% of respondents said they had helped a friend or family member move. (SWNS)

Avocado toast doesn’t seem to be working …A new study has found that Millennials are less healthy these days than older generations were at their age. Despite their reputation for having healthy attitudes and ideas, older Millennials -- ages 34 to 36 -- suffer more from the top 10 health conditions than Gen Xers when they were in the same age range. Some of these conditions include depression, hyperactivity and Type 2 diabetes. (The Takeout)

What’s the best summer perk you could get at work? According to a new survey, 52% of employees said a flexible schedule was the best summer perk companies could offer. 27% said having “summer Fridays” -- leaving the office early on Fridays – was a great perk. (The Ladders)

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