Randoms-Why Relationships Sour towards End of Summer, & More!

Summer’s almost over … are you breaking up? A study from the University of Washington found that divorce rates peak at the end of the summer, specifically in August. Why? Seems many couples having issues think summer will give them the time together to rekindle their relationship – but that time often only emphasizes their problems. Also, many choose to split in the late summer because most family vacations are over and it's far enough away from the holidays, which are a more difficult time to divorce. And then there are the married parents whose kids go off to college. Seems the empty nest often makes people re-evaluate their relationships. (Business Insider)

Millennials are woke eaters …According to a new survey, 57% of Millennials follow a special diet – such as Paleo, Keto, plant-based or vegan or Whole 30. Of those who follow a special diet, 44% say they do it because it’s better for the environment, and 37% say it’s more ethical. And it seems Millennials make 17 tweaks to their diet every year. The top changes are eating healthier foods (46%), avoiding sugar/carbs (41%), focusing more on plant-based foods (36%) and cutting down on meat (34%). (SWNS)

Trending on Twitter …High school can be rough. That’s why people are sharing their stories at the hashtag#HowIGotThroughHighSchool.

  • So … What or who got you through high school? Were they great years for you, or years you’re glad to have in the rearview mirror? Do you still have close friends from high school?

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