Randoms-White Claw Shortage, Sharing Salary Info w/ Colleagues, & More!

National Boss Employee Exchange Day

  • Do you think you could do a better job than your boss?

National Teddy Bear Day


Do you share your salary with your co-workers? It’s a lot more common that you think. A new survey found that 54% of workers (61% of men, 49% of women) say they share salary info with their co-workers, and it seems Millennial workers are much more likely to do so, according to the survey. So why are workers swapping salary info? 45% of those surveyed said they use the information to increase their own salaries. (Market Watch)

Summer of White Claw …So, it seems that people drank so much White Claw hard seltzer this summer that there is a shortage – and hard-seltzer loving Millennials and Gen Z-ers are losing their minds on Twitter. Seems the boozy seltzer is so popular that liquor stores say they sell out as quickly as they re-stock. (Business Insider)

Why are fewer people getting married?According to new research from Cornell University it may be because there just aren’t as many “economically-attractive” men available for single women. “Most American women hope to marry but current shortages of marriageable men—men with a stable job and a good income—make this increasingly difficult, especially in the current gig economy of unstable low-paying service jobs,” said lead author Daniel T. Lichter. “Marriage is still based on love, but it also is fundamentally an economic transaction. Many young men today have little to bring to the marriage bargain, especially as young women’s educational levels on average now exceed their male suitors.”

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