Randoms-Taking Naps Good for Heart, Things Today's Kids Can't Do, & More

National Day of Encouragement: Take some time today to uplift and offer encouragement to someone.

National Video Games Day: What is your favorite video game of all time?

National Chocolate Milkshake Day: A good day for a shake.

National School Picture Day: Do you still have your old school pictures? Which year’s pic was the most cringe-worthy and why?

Trending on Twitter …What are some #Things Today’s Kids Can’t Do?

Some of the responses:

  • Roll down a window
  • Get up and change the channel
  • Dial a phone number from memory
  • Literally hang up a phone
  • Make mixed tapes
  • Having to wait for photos to be developed
  • Drive a stick
  • Move out

Let’s hear it for napping …A new study has found that taking an afternoon nap a couple times a week is good for your heart. Researchers found that people who napped once or twice a week, snoozing from 5 minutes to up to one hour, were 48% less likely to have a heart attack, stroke, or heart failure than those who never napped. (Woman’s Day)

Fast food is veggie friendly …Taco Bell’s new dedicated vegetarian menu is being launched today nationwide. While Taco Bell isn’t going the fake meat route like some other fast food chains, they are offering veggie versions of many of their menu staples. (USA Today)

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