Randoms-A Simple, Daily Exercise that will make Happier

Your dog knows …A new survey of pet owners found that 54% think their pet understands them better than their partner or best friend. (The Ladders)

Have you seen Netflix’s “Hallmarky” rom-com movieFalling Inn Love? It’s cheesy, cliché and it’s got every single rom-com trope in it. But apparently people can’t stop hate-watching and Tweeting about it. (Best Life)

First-World problems …According to a new British survey, these are some of the biggest modern inconveniences:

  • Bad WiFi connection
  • Calls from unknown numbers
  • Forgetting passwords
  • Running out of phone battery
  • Late trains/buses
  • Paying extra for luggage on a flight
  • Running out of cell phone data
  • Not having enough leg room when traveling
  • When you crack your mobile phone screen
  • Your food delivery taking more than 30 minutes to arrive
  • Ads with no skip button on YouTube videos
  • Forgetting to charge your wireless headphones
  • Your story not uploading to Instagram or Facebook (Study Finds)

Can being kind make you happier? According to New York University professor Dr. Alan Schlechter, who teaches the most popular elective class at NYU called "The Science of Happiness," there’s a simple daily exercise you can do to make you happier: Do five random, conscious acts of kindness a day. These can be as simple as holding a door open for someone or calling to check in on someone. But it has to be five things. “Five random acts of conscious kindness has an enormous impact on somebody versus doing three random acts of kindness, which might be a little too simple, says Schlechter. “… The five really makes you put your mind to it. Because I would bet many of us do something kind on almost any day. But this is about being consciously aware of it, and by making it five, it does feel like a bit more.” (Business Insider)

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