Randoms-#MarriageIn4Words, Worst Wedding Invite Ever, & More!

Trending on Twitter …#MarriageIn4Words

Some responses:

  • Where’d you put my …?
  • Always in the doghouse
  • We laugh a lot
  • Deciding what to eat
  • My emotional support human
  • Leading cause of divorce

Your turn ...Describe your marriage -- or marriage in general -- in four words.

Speaking of marriage …Seems a terrible new trend in weddings is “You’ve not invited” cards. It’s like a B list invitation that says, “Hey you didn’t make the invite list, but if someone else can’t make it maybe you will get an invite.”Uh, thanks but no thanks. Here’s an idea: Just save the stamp and don’t invite them.(The Frisky)

Sexy Mr. Rogers …If you haven’t picked a Halloween costume yet, don’t worry. Lingerie/costume company Yandy has you covered ... or in this case, barely covered. In case you don’t know, Yandy is famous for taking normal costumes and making them racy, and this year is no exception. Yep, you can make a really interesting impression on your neighbors by rocking the sexy Mr. Rogers costume -- complete with booty shorts and a barely there red sweater. If sexy Mr. Rogers is just too damaging to your childhood memories, you can always givesexy Bob Rossa try … (NY Post)

Scream job …The Dish Network is offering a unique job opportunity that noStephen King fan could pass down. Just in time for Halloween, the TV provider is offering $1,300 to someone who will watch 13 movies based on Stephen King's books and then document their experience. The chosen applicant will have until Halloween to watch all 13 movies and write about their feelings about each one. They must also monitor their heart rate during scary scenes. Applications can be submitted toUSDish.comuntil October 15th. 

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