Randoms-Trending Thanksgiving Attire, Texts Lies, Working While Sick

Do you go to work when you’re sick? You’re not alone. A new survey found that 78% of respondents said they felt pressure to go to work when they were sick. The survey also found that your co-workers aren’t thrilled about you bringing your sick self into the office. 41% said they would rather cover for a co-worker for a week than risk getting sick themselves. 44% say they immediately move away from a co-worker who is coughing. (SWNS)

Seems gay men and straight men aren’t as different as you might think. According to a study, gay men and straight men have the exact same body part preferences – even though they prefer them on different genders. Whether straight or gay, men are all about the chest, butt and feet … in that order. (Your Tango)

The holidays are coming …And in case you want to feel even more stuffed on Thanksgiving, Target is selling an inflatableRoasted Turkey Costume. (Pop Sugar)

You know when someone who normally texts you back right away takes a long time to reply to a text? Yeah, they’re probably lying. A new study out of Brigham Young University found that when people are slower than usual to respond to a text, chances are they are lying. Taking 10% longer to respond as well as editing their messages and writing shorter responses than usual are signs that your texter is fibbing. Basically, if you’re going to lie via text be sure to do it quickly -- and in your usual texting length and style. (You Beauty)

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